Our Testimonials Here are some things some of our customers have said about us.
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and genuine thanks to Dominion Capital Mortgage, who recently processed our mortgage refinance. I worked with a conscientious and well adapted loan officer who continuously kept us informed on our loan process. Moreover, he displayed a keen sense of his position and skills associated to navigating the refinance process that alleviated our concerns and questions. I would expect that he has displayed this positive work ethic before and his professional demeanor is no surprise to you. The manner in which my loan officer conducted himself with us, assures me he is an asset to your brokerage. We benefited from knowing and dealing with him, and I would not hesitate to refer him to others in our family. Bill G. -
Thank you very much for the thank you card it was much appreciated. The refinance has definitely given us the flexibility to be able to nail down all the final wedding details with a sigh of relief and you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for all your help and I will definitely be referring you to anyone when a refinance/mortgage conversation comes up! Chris H. -
Gosh I'm going to miss my conversations with you..I just wanted to thank you again for all of your extra-ordinary work in getting our loan closed. I know you went above and beyond anything anybody else has ever done for us in this process and we really appreciate it. Meeting you last night was a bonus. It's great to be able to put a face with a name. Thank you for the Rosemary. Our garden will be planted in your honor. Don't be surprised if you find a bag of vegetables and herbs on your front porch some day. Can't guarantee any stripy tomatoes though. It's been a pleasure and the best of luck to you. Maggie N. -
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Brandy Thayer helped us get the home of our dreams and wanted to let her manager know what a great job she did. We made an offer on the house and it was accepted with the condition of a 30 day close - that part was easy. Then came the task of getting financing. We initially contacted several lenders and Brandy was the first to call back (some did not even follow up at all) and she was very professional and helpful, so we definitely were comfortable choosing Dominion - due to her diligence. Brandy continued to stay on top of every detail each step of the way and communicated often to keep us on the right track. She was very thorough and made sure that all items necessary were gathered in time to make the deadline. When I spoke to her on the phone, she was just as pleasant and helpful as she was in her emails. Brandy is an asset to your business and I would highly recommend her to any friend or colleague that may have future hom Lucie R. -
Thanks for everything John, all went well on closing. Your diligence and persistence in making this work and your true professional, honest character throughout the process was excellent and comforting. Dennis and Kim S. -
I recently closed my home refi with Dominion Capital Mortgage. As my loan originator, Reba worked tirelessly. She worked above and beyond to provide with the best loan package and that includes the lowest rate possible. Reba is very knowledgeable and honest. If you're looking for a new loan or refinance your existing property. I highly recommend you contact her. Annon. -
John was great to work with. When I first started looking for a home John pre-approved me very quickly. John got the lowest finance rate possible and worked with my realtor to make sure all the paperwork was processed very quickey and followed up to make sure the seller made all necessary repairs. He looked out for my best interest. I am now in my new home thanks to John. Highly recommend John for your financing, you will not be disappointed. Thanks John great job. Annon. -
Absolutely the best part of the whole deal and my new home too of course. The team at Dominion Capital, is honestly #1 in my book. They made the financing in my home buying process seem easy. Loan closed on time, closing cost where a little off, but not by too much and the original close date never changed. I would gladly and proudly recommend them to anyone who's looking for financing. Kimberly Holmes K. Holmes -
Amanda- If it wasn't for you kindness and willingness to help, I know I would not have attempted a refinancing. You are so easy to talk to and you answered all of my questions with patience. There have a few obstacles, but that didn't stop you from helping. I just wanted you to know I really appreciate all that you have done. Have a great day! Shelby B. -
Reba helped me refinance my mortgage and student loans. I am very pleased, she got my interest rate down and also payments reduced! A double plus for me! She is very efficient, knowledgeable, friendly....always responded to my (many) questions. My loan closed quicker than expected. Very pleased and would recommend her to everyone! Carla D. -
Reba was friendly, knowlegable and passionate about her customers and ensuring they get the best loan possible. She walked us through the process putting up with regular calls, constant email requests for information. She did a marvelous job and I know when I need another mortgage or refinance I have already found someone I will trust over and over. It is almost sad closing on the loan I felt like I lost a friend- but I will be back next time. B. Lyttle -
Just wanted to thank you folks again for helping me refinance my house, and acknowledge the special work of Cameron Gray. She was right there the whole complicated time; when I left messages after office hours she called back right away; when things had to be changed she made the changes immediately; she explained everything clearly and simply. I can't think of a better person to help me through this. It's especially impressive because she sounds about 15 (you blushing yet, Cameron?), though that's probably because I'm in my late 60s and everyone sounds like a kid to me. But she's got a very effective combination of sincerity and knowledge--I hope that takes her far in your organization. Tina C. -
I just completed a refinance of my home through Dominion Capital Mortgage. I wanted to let you know that the treatment I received by your staff was nothing short of amazing. My primary loan officer was Cameron Gray and she and her colleagues did a wonderful job for me. Cameron, in particular, help lead me through the maze of documentation that is needed to do a loan of this type. She kept me up to date on my loan and offered excellent advice and guidance. This kind of personal attention is not seen very often, in my experience, and it made things so much easier for me. I am a widow and semi-retired and had never done this kind of transaction on my own. Cameron and her staff and all the people I dealt with at Dominion were fantastic. I felt that Cameron and her colleagues deserved a personal note from me, as their personal attention helped with the success of my transaction. I would recommend Cameron Gray and Dominion Capital Mortgage to anyone looking to finance their home. Kathleen M. -
I can't thank you enough for your assistance throughout the process. You truly made it a painless ordeal. I received a wonderful thank you card from you as well. A very nice touch! I have your business cards and will certainly share you with anyone who is interested in refinancing. I hope to do business with you again! Joe J. -
I worked closely with Reba for an extended period of time. She was able to help me secure a loan other loan officers had told me could not be done. Reba is very knowledgeable and if there is something that she is not sure of she always find the correct answer for you. I was always able to get in touch with Reba either by phone or email. She made her office and mobile numbers available to me to ensure that if I ever had a question or concern that I would be able to reach her. Annon. -
I really appreciated your help and hard work to make me understand things I didnt know about my mortgage and refinance, etc. I appreciated your professionalism and persistence in having things well done and timely. As you know, I talked to some representatives from other banks, but none of them were as good as you are. The current message is once again a proof that the way you are doing your job make your customers happy doing business with you, because they trust you; I hope Ill be the beneficiary of the same good quality assistance in the future. Thanks a lot. Elena E. -
Thank you so much for all of your help and for guiding us with ease and calm through this complicated and potentially stressful situation of getting a mortgage and buying a house. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful we are to have had you as an indispensable part of this process. We are so lucky to have had your expertise and perseverance on our side through this process which ended up being so much more complicated than we had thought it might be. I don't know what we would have done without you! Thank you for making everything seem so easy and simple, haha and for shielding us from things that you knew might stress us out. We are so happy with our new house and you are such a large part of making that possible! Erick G. -
My loan closed this week and Brandy is the reason why. I had been searching around to refinance my home and hearing back from many lenders and brokers and Brandy was one who answered my call. I chose Dominion Capital Mortgage solely on my impression of Brandy. She told me she would walk me every step of the way, she'd walk the loan through, and would not be transferring me to anyone else. I needed easy and she gave me easy. She called often to let me know how the progress was going, always cheerful, and made herself accessible whenever I needed her, right up to the time I was with the notary signing the forms. I can honestly say that she made it a pleasure because she became a friend. Lorraine B. -
Thank you so much Brandy. It is great working with you and you are "the" lady to succeed a project. I admire your work ethic. I will certainly pass your name and number to others. David T. -
Reba was the most honest helpful person I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. I know she put in long hours working on my behalf and accomplished what other loan agents could not. I will surely miss talking to her. There is no doubt she knows what she is doing and does not give up. I will recommend her to anyone who wants to finance a home. Gary P. -
I contacted Reba after my first attempt at another company just didn't work out for me. We talked and I explained my concerns and she assured me that she would be there step by step for the complete process and she was. Through all the questions and forms and telephone calls even emails, Reba contacted me back very promptly and explained everything that was going to happen, no surprises. I would recommend Reba to anyone that is looking to refinance their current home. Annon. -
I want to thank you for taking care of us so efficiently. The signing went smoothly. The processor used to be a loan officer so she explained everything with a great deal of knowledge. But you are the one that deserves the credit for getting us through the process. I will definitely recommend your company and you especially to anyone that needs a mortgage. Mike C. -
Thank you for all of your support and hard work to refinance my home loan to a lower percentage. My wife and I really appreciate your best customer service and a pleasant communication. It is nice to know a person like you who has the excellent caliber. Thanks a million. John S. -
Reba did an outstanding job, making a process that is defined by lots of paperwork, as painless as I can possibly imagine. Despite interruptions of work, and a vacation, she kept the ball rolling and made it the easiest mortgage application I have ever experienced. She is knowledgeable and operates with complete transparency and integrity. Thanks!! M Roplinger -
Ted and I really appreciate all the work that you put into this. Just knowing that there were people like you willing to help out made us feel so much better. We will keep you in mind if we know of others who are interested in mortgage products. Patty L. -
We want you to know about our experience with Dominion Capital Mortgage. We cannot say anything else other than it was a wonderful experience. Our loan officer was professional, knowledgeable, responsive, sensitive and concerning. These traits are almost non-existent in the mortgage world. He took us through this (as my husband says an un-natural process) making it as painless as possible. Over the years we have bought homes, sold homes and refinanced homes and have never had the quality service he delivered. We will recommend Dominion Capital Mortgage whenever we have the opportunity. All the best to you and your company. Carolyn and Mark S. -
The entire loan process has been a breeze -- you and everyone associated with your company has been very professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Robin N. -
I am a Finance Manager and had refinanced my house within a couple of years when Reba contacted me about refinancing. I didn't think she would be able to save me any more money. She gathered information and presented a much more feasible plan. I am very pleased with how knowledgeable, efficient and friendly Reba is. My loan closed much quicker than any I have done before! Stacey R. -
I would like to take a few minutes of your valuable time to share with you my thoughts, and my experience with Dominion Capital Mortgage Inc. A few weeks ago I received a phone call in response to an inquiry I made about home refinancing in an internet website. This was my last desperate attempt to save my home after Suntrust Bank set me up with a balloon loan a few years back (Without my knowledge). After sharing some personal information with your company, it was thought that my case was going to be very difficult, but you were willing to try. This was definitely one step farther than with any of the mortgage companies I spoke before. Dominion Capital Mortgage took the time to listen to what I had to say, and answered every single question. He took the time to explain every single step. I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to provide a beautiful home for my children, as well as a safe place to live. Claudia F. -
Chris completely supported the refinancing of my mortgage even though it was not a large amount. I am self-employed and work at home. Chris explained that I could pay off credit card debt with the new loan and be debt free with only a minimal increase to my monthly payment. I wanted to pay off the credit debt and have a fresh start. Even when initially denied, Chris was relentless in finding a lender who would approved my loan. He reworked the numbers and worked with his manager to get my loan approved. He was determined to help me. He was positive and supportive. He was patient and even worked with me off hours if an issue came up to resolve so the loan process could continue moving forward. Chris stood by me and supported me with each step of the loan process. It took nearly 3 months to complete but we did it. Chris stayed in touch with me to make sure all the funds cleared and my new beginning became a reality. Thank you for everything Chris! Annon. -
I was contacted by Reba because she found an opportunity for additional savings on my monthly mortgage payments. If I could rate more than 5-stars above, I would. She kept me informed at all steps of the process and answered all my questions (whether it be by email, by phone, or by text) almost as soon as I asked them. She is absolutely a seasoned professional. On a side note, I was always happy to get a call from her; hearing her voice always brightened my day. Annon. -
I had a persnickety refinance situation, and contacted Reba to secure her input. She responded with amazing alacrity, outlined options for me, walked me through each one and helped me determine the best option. She then almost literally held my hand through every step of the process, answering my emails/texts/Facebook messages and always being reassuring, professional, and cheerful. She communicates exceptionally clearly and directly, and combines a high sense of professionalism and responsibility with a terrific sense of humor and a genuine warmth/caring for her clients. Not only would I recommend her without hesitation, I already HAVE recommended her without hesitation, and will continue to do so to anyone I know who is seeking a mortgage or refinance angel, for that is what she is! I cannot say enough marvelous things about Reba, and her approach to her job - it is clear she loves what she does, and it radiates from her in her desire to help people achieve their homeownership goals. Annon. -
Reba is responsible, thorough, ambitious, intelligent, personable and caring. She is now my go to recommendation for her mortgage/financing services. Annon. -
Randall responded to my inquiry on Zillow almost immediately. He helped me with every part of buying my home including finding the right loan, picking out a realtor and choosing a titling company. He always had time to answer any questions I had and did so in a way that helped me fully understand the purchasing process. If ever I look to purchase a home again in the future, Randall will be my first choice and my first recommendation to anyone looking to do the same. Annon. -
Miss Sledd was so helpful with purchasing our house. She was kind, friendly and always made herself available to answer our many questions. She found us the best rate and made the whole process move quickly. We were in our new home faster than we had ever imagined! Annon. -
Our experience with Reba was excellent ; she is very knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions you might have along the process. We highly recommend her. She is very patient and explains you all the different options and advises you about the best one for you. Annon. -
Excellent experience, Randy is a true professional, knowledgeable who guided me to achieve the best deal. He basically held my hand during the pre-approval process, helping redact letters required to be approved for the loan, he made sure that the appraiser came and helped schedule the visit and did the same with the closing agent. I highly recommend Randy! R. Martinez -
Working with Randy was a pleasant experience. He was knowledgeable,informative and very responsive. He made the whole experience painless. If you are looking to buy a home or refinance and want top quality service call Randy. I'm going to recommend him to friends and family. Annon. -
Reba Sledd in all regards handled my refinancing situation with great care and attention to detail. As I changed the terms midstream many other functions required her attention and she handled all with courtesy and professionalism. It was a pleasure to not have my case turned and passed to other people as she handled everything very well and in a timely manner. Should I ever be in need of real estate experience again she will be the one I call. Rich H. -
Reba is a amazing! Best loan officer I have ever worked with!!! Her knowledge and understanding of loan process is unmatched. Her team makes the process easy and painless. I would use her again in a second. R. Clark -
Works are not sufficient to express our gratitude for the work you did to get our financing completed. Thank you! Kathy & Gene H. -
Reba is the bomb! She is very helpful and goes the extra mile for her clients. I have bought many homes in my life but never one that went this smoothly. If anyone is looking for a mortgage consultant you won't find one better than Reba. Chris -
Reba was excellent in helping us re-finance our mortgage! We ran into some unexpected minor obstacles due to the holidays and Reba stayed on top of everything, keeping us in the loop and making it all happen! Deborah M. -
I would like to thank Reba and her team at Dominion Capital Mortgage Inc. for a very nice and impressive job they did on getting me refinanced in a short time . I work a very demanding job and she made it possible and worked around my hectic schedule . So to Reba and her team thanks a lot...I will definitely recommend her if the chance comes!! Annon. -
Reba is hands down the hardest working, most responsive, and most professional Mortgage Lender I have ever worked with. My situation would probably be described as the worst as we sold our existing house and bought a new house on a 30 day timeline given by our buyers. Through all of the insanity Reba was always positive and very clear and collective through the entire process. She helped us save a tremendous amount of money by continuing to watch the rates and by waiting a few days we saved and additional .75 points from her advice! When we had questions she was available to talk in the evening and early mornings and stayed with us through the entire process and post process. If your looking for a true 5 Star professional to handle your loan as if it were her own and a great attention to detail and knowledge then I recommend you speak to Reba. Annon. -
Randy is the best lender I've ever had the privilege to work with. His attentiveness, knowledge of the loan process and availability are some of his best attributes. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking to finance their next home. A+++ Annon. -
Reba was more than helpful during our entire experience. She was always able to answer our questions and provide honest, reliable guidance. She was definitely a pleasure to work with. Amber -
My experience with Reba was a very good one. My credit was less than perfect, yet she was always positive that she could help me, and she did, even by helping my score increase so I got a better rate. She worked with me every step of the way, making me feel very comfortable that I was making the right decision. I will definitely come to you when I'm ready buy again! Thank you, Reba. Chris M. -
I will use him for real estate transactions in the future both for my own home and my fathers. My dad is 84.7 years and has some archaic notions but Randall Rodgers was so patient and addressed all his fears. Shannon L. -
I will definitely be recommending your team to my family & friends. This has been the best experience I've ever had dealing with a mortgage company on all levels. You are extremely good at what you do and you make a GREAT TEAM ! I hope your boss knows who he/she has representing them. If they don't, I would love to share with them! Yvette P. -
Thank you again for helping us re-finance, everything has worked out quite well. So well in fact, that I was wondering if you work with construction loans for home improvements. We are considering an addition to expand the kitchen/dining area and wondering if a construction loan would be the way to go? Any insights or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We're in the concept stage at this point, but depending on design/cost, we'd really like to be able to move forward. Thanks again for all you've done. Troy W. -
Randy was awesome from the start. He was able to help us refinance our mortgage and consolidate. Randy is the only person that we have been able to deal with that has actually followed through from beginning to end on the loan closing. He said he could get it done for us and he delivered. I would highly recommend him. Annon. -
This lady deserves higher stars than this. Super to deal with and does an excellent job to get the work done. Reba was always ready to assist you with the right direction to go and make you feel like you were in good hands at all times. I would definitely recommend this lady to anyone. Michael W. -
Reba Sledd comes highly recommended from the Lewis family! Wow - she really stayed on top of things for us and helped research all options for the best one. She went above and beyond and was exceptional to work with! Thank you. S. Lewis -
It was a tremendous joy to work with Reba, she went out of her way to help me and push through for my loan and all the actions that I had to do were easier because I had Reba helping me. Annon. -
Helped us refinance our mortgage - great to work with and super efficient. Would recommend to anyone looking to refinance - always very pleasant and responds almost immediately to any queries. Annon. -